Apr 11

Heading West to find fame and fortune…mostly fortune

Heading westIt’s getting close to Mud season here in Vail when the mountain is melting and the locals ‘evacuate’ to Moab and other destinations. It’s a quiet and creepy place to live. So in that vain I am heading out early with a friend out to some western destinations that I have been wanting to see for the first time as well as some favorites. Some notable locations:

  • Moab (Arches National Park)
  • Mesa Verde (Pueblo Ruins)
  • Las Vegas (Financial Ruins…)
  • Grand Canyon
  • Bryce Canyon
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Whatever else looks cool

I’ll be heading out of Vail from April 13-22 so if I know you and you want to get some late season skiing in you are welcome to stay at my apartment. I’ll be posting pictures as the vacation proceeds. I am also going to be meeting my friend Mary in Vegas on April 15th for her birthday.

Sep 10

When gearheads and snowboarders collaborate

Part skateboard, part Segway, part tank, the DTV Shredder ($TBA) is one of the craziest contraptions we’ve seen this year. It features a normal skateboard deck and trucks, which are mounted to a powerful motor, and two tank threads — mounted below and to the sides of the deck — capable of going over snow, sand, dirt, ice, and nearly any other non-paved surface you can think of at speeds of up to 30 mph, or plenty fast enough to give you some gnarly injuries should you happen to shred a bit too hard. [Uncrate]

Sep 10

Dirty Bomb for Kids!

Man, I thought the sharp and pointy toys I played with were dangerous but apparently in the 50′s when the cold war was revving up into full gear and the nuclear arms race was just starting someone came up with a toy to help teach our youth all about the fun and magical properties of Nuclear power. Aren’t we threatening to go to war with North Korea and Iran because of this nonsense?
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Aug 10

Run Saicho, Run!

I was watching a great new movie called “The Distance of Truth” featuring Ferg Hawkes epic story of trying to win the Badwater Ultramarathon held each year at Death Valley. While watching it they made reference to a sect of Monks that run 1000 marathons. After a few googles I found out they are Japanese Monks are from the Tendai sect of Buddhism. They run enormous distances every day for 100′s of days straight. The first year they run 18 miles a day for 100 days. I think I could do that. Well maybe for a few weeks. hmmm…

Check out this documentary.

May 10

Among the trees

I was in California recently and while I travelled and stayed at a Hostel for the first week at the H&H hostel on Hollywood blvd, I found the really good stuff way up north. My friend Courtney (who blogs here) and I (oh…and Isabel the dog) took a 2 day road trip to go see some seals and more importantly the Sequioa national forest which is truly one of the greatest places I have ever been.

To the point. Here are my photos from California.

I also made some cool HDR Photos from my travels. Check these out:

Apr 10

Getting "High" at Vail.

Well, Not literally but at 8300′ everything is a little harder.
If you haven’t figured out yet I have been living at Vail since early January.
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Jan 10


A Blue bird...duh...

I think if you have any interest in following my travels you would best follow my Twitter account which is http://twitter.com/Dugindc

It’s hard to post on the road and twitter can capture the banality in high tech precision. “Hey, that dog looks stupid…Tweet!”, “Hey, look a sign that has a funny thing on it…Tweet!”, “Look, my dignity just fell out…Tweet!”

Anyway, for what it’s worth enjoy…

Jan 10

Go West young man

I am heading out West. Taking time to visit friends in Ohio & Wisconsin. I am driving my heavily modified Discovery II (Lovingly known as Clive) and I am still getting around 11mpg which is brutal on the budget.

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Jan 09

Genius of the Crowd


I remember reading Charles Bukowski when I was a kid around 16 years old. It shaped me when I was young. Perhaps it made me jaded too soon. I remember this poem in particular. It is even better when read by Bukowski.
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Jan 09

Old Photographs


I was curious what the oldest photograph was. Not sure why but I looked it up. Nicephore Niepce was one of the pioneers in photography using a tool called a Heliograph.

In stark constrast we have one of the most advanced photographic techniques for producing Gigapixel quality photos. Sorta interesting how the old Heliograph shares a rusticness to it that the Gigapxl camera also exudes.